Higher Utilization Rate for IT Agencies

Supercharge your resource planning by combining all the needed information on one platform.

The Resourcing Tool for your IT agency

Combine knowledge about skills, availability and motivation for a smoother resourcing process.

Build and manage your team

Internal talent management

Find the correct talent for the next project from your own team based on skills, availability and motivation. Enable talents to keep their CV's up-to-date thanks to lovable user experience.

Partner management

Do you want to focus on your core business, but still get the big projects, where additional know-how is required? Invite your trusted partners to Allocat and share your team with them. Cooperation has never been more seamless!

Find contractors on the marketplace
Skill management table

Skill management

No more CV's in word files or out of date availability matrixes. Always up to date information on who knows what and how well. Print profiles to CV's in PDF form and customise them according to the customers needs.

Availability management

Check the availability of each talent quickly. Have a clear view on who's going to be on the bench in the coming months.

Availability management calendar
Motivational insights for developers

Motivational insights

10 years of experience in PHP doesn't mean a perfect fit for the next web development project. Make sure your talents wishes are transparent through the organization and never assign people to unmotivating projects again.

Allocat makes crafting a customized CV to match the customers needs easier than a walk in the park.

Anton Sjödahl
Anton Sjödahl
Account Manager
BeanBakers Oy
BeanBakers Oy

The product gives us a clear overview of our resources and makes it easy to match an assignment to a consultant.

Atte Pohjanmaa
Atte Pohjanmaa
Vertics Oy
Intelligent team and skill management. Combine your internal team insights with partnership network management. Plan your project allocations and generate up-to-date CVs.

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